Boris Johnson backs Iran nuclear deal after Israel claims


The Foreign Secretary says the deal, which the US is considering pulling out of, is “based on tough verification”.The nuclear deal struck with Iran in 2015 should be kept because it allows “intrusive inspections”, Boris Johnson has said.

The Foreign Secretary intervened after Israel accused Tehran of covering up its weapons programme before signing the deal three years ago.Mr Johnson said a presentation by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “underlines the importance” of keeping the deal’s constraints on Iran in place.At a time of growing uncertainty, Donald Trump has set a 12 May deadline to decide whether to pull the US out of the accord.

:: What Benjamin Netanyahu wants to achieve with his Iran ‘stunt’

Mr Netanyahu said “half a ton” of secret Iranian documents obtained by his government showed Iran was “brazenly lying”.Later, he told CNN he was not seeking war with Iran.After signing the deal in 2015, Iran was obliged to limit its nuclear energy programme, amid fears the country could use the technology to make a nuclear weapon.Economic sanctions were lifted in return. Iran has denied ever seeking nuclear weapons.

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