Coles to open every checkout on Sunday as staff union warns customers could become abusive due to plastic bag ban


COLES said it could cope with the bag ban, but now it’s been forced to take drastic action, as Woolies staff claim they’ve been “abused countless times”.

COLES’ plans to phase out plastic bags this weekend have hit a speed bump with the store now set to take drastic action to head off an expected backlash from shoppers.

The chain is the second of the two major supermarkets to bin the single-use plastic bags after Woolworths removed them on June 20.Just days ago, the supermarket told it had been planning for the change for more than a year and that it would not be taking extra measures in store or with staff when the ban kicks in on Sunday.

However, Coles has now announced that it will open every checkout in all its stores on July 1, anticipating huge delays as customers struggle with the bag ban.Meanwhile, Coles’ and others supermarkets’ checkout staff are on tenterhooks after Woolworths staff reported they were “abused countless times” after the bag ban came into effect. Union representatives say they even fear some angry customers could become violent.

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