Gregg Marshall getting paid to go away reminds


Gregg Marshall, the men’s basketball coach at Wichita State, is resigning his position while the university investigates allegations he physically and verbally abused some of his players. He’s getting $7.75 million over the next six years, as part of a “contract settlement,” to walk away.

I’m neither qualified nor inclined to delve into the complexities of contract law here, but what’s clear is that Marshall felt there was compelling enough evidence against him to leave and yet still extracted a large sum of money from the school on his way out. Late in 2020 — in the midst of a global pandemic and in the wake of a gripping presidential election that followed a monumental push for racial and social justice — this all feels utterly disgusting.

There’s more to be said about Marshall and what happened at Wichita State — which pretty clearly traded its institutional integrity to continue to employ a guy who won on the court while acting like a monster off of it. But that happens all the time in college sports. So let’s step back.