Made on YouTube: supporting the next wave of creative entrepreneurs

From its earliest days, YouTube opened the door for millions of people to share their voice, find a community, reach a global audience, and build a business. But we knew that was just the beginning. Launching the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) in 2007 meant that creators could, for the first time, share in the revenue and earn money from their content. This unique business model means we only succeed when our creators do. And creators are succeeding—these creator entrepreneurs are building successful businesses of their own with employees and full-fledged operations. Over the past three years, we’ve paid creators, artists and media companies over $50B1.
Today, we introduce the next chapter in rewarding creativity on our platform, no matter what that looks like. We’re announcing more ways for creators to become partners, new ways to make money with Shorts, and a reimagining of how the music industry and creators work together.
More pathways for creators to make money
Back when YPP began, YouTube had one creative format—the standard horizontal video—and one main source of revenue: ads. Fast forward to today, creators are continually testing the boundaries of expression, from 15-second vertical Shorts, to 15-minute videos, to 15-hour live streams. And they’re building their businesses based on diversified revenue streams, from Fan Funding to brand sponsorships.

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