Ohio sheriff to suspect in fatal shooting of his deputy: ‘Screw you’


An Ohio sheriff had strong words Friday at the funeral for his own deputy, Bill Brewer, who was fatally shot in the line of duty.

“To those who would do us harm, to those who would advocate for violence against us, to that a–hole in my jail, I have two words for you on behalf of Bill’s family, this county, my office and all the cops across this country: screw you,” Clermont County Sheriff Robert Leahy said.

The sheriff said he would have used even harsher language if it weren’t for the children in the audience at Mount Carmel Christian Church.

Brewer responded last Saturday night to a standoff with a man who would feign own suicide, luring deputies into his apartment, officials said.

The suspect, identified by prosecutors as Wade Winn, opened fire through a wall, according to law enforcement. Brewer was fatally wounded and his commander, Lt. Nick DeRose, was also shot.

Winn was captured hours later when he lept from his apartment, which had become engulfed in flames.

Brewer was laid to rest Friday with the traditions and honors due an officer who dies in the line of duty.

His last ride was on a caisson, followed by a riderless horse. The sounds of bagpipes and drums cut through the otherwise silent Pierce Township Cemetery.

Then came a 21-gun salute and the sound of taps, followed by a helicopter flyover and a final radio call for Deputy Bill Brewer.

“Bill gave his life as he lived it, as a hero,” Leahy said at the church. “His life and service will never be forgotten.”

Leahy was close to tears as he addressed the family and his officers. He said he and many others have struggled to deal with the loss of Brewer, who was a man Leahy would trust when his own family was in trouble.

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