Taylor Swift Sets New AMAs Record


In a triumphant night, Taylor Swift ruled the American Music Awards on Nov. 24. The singer was honored as Artist of the Decade in addition to taking home all five awards she was nominated for. If this wasn’t enough, Swift became the record holder for the most AMAs won, surpassing Michael Jackson’s previous record.

Taylor Swift won six AMAs on Nov. 24

At the 2019 AMAs, Swift won six awards. In addition to Artist of the Decade, Swift won Artist of the Year, Favorite Music Video, Favorite Female Artist – Pop/Rock, Favorite Album – Pop/Rock, and Favorite Adult Contemporary Artist.

This brought Swift’s total number of AMAs to be 29. The previous record, held by Jackson, was 24 awards. Swift won her first AMA in 2008 when she was named Favorite Female Artist – Country.

The AMAs honored Taylor Swift as the Artist of the Decade

Before going into the 2019 AMAs, Swift and her fans learned she would be honored as the awards show’s Artist of the Decade. Carole King presented Swift with the Artist of the Decade award, and Swift thanked King in her speech.

“When I fell in love with music it was right around the time I realized how marvelous it was that an artist could transcend so many different phases and changes in people’s lives. So, you taught me that that’s a possibility,” she said.

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