The most life-changing trips you can take


Some people take vacations to escape their everyday lives; others take them to find themselves. Whatever your reason may be, it’s important to remember that travelling alone won’t change who you are. The journey to true, lasting change starts from within. That said, here are a few places that might help you get there.

Provence, France
You’ll feel like you’ve stepped out of the real world and into a painting when you visit Provence, the southeastern region of France bordering on Italy and the Mediterranean Sea, which inspired such artists as Picasso, Puget, and Van Gogh with its picturesque landscapes. One stroll through the lavender fields and you’ll be saying, “Provence, je t’aime.”

Rome, Italy
Your local pizza joint just won’t cut it anymore after you’ve had Pizza al Taglio from Pizzarium, nor will that homemade carbonara once you’ve tried Roscioli’s take on the dish. In fact, you won’t look at any food the same way after visiting Rome, named the best food city in the world by TripAdvisor.

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