These are the Travel Tips the Pros Use to Get the Best Deals


There are great flight, hotel and cruise deals everywhere — if you know where to look. Travel experts shared little known budget travel tips to ensure you get the most bang for your buck on your next trip

Book Vacation Packages Through Costco or BJs

If you’re a member, Costco and BJs offer great deals on travel. “Costco negotiates exclusive savings on travel packages, and BJs offers discounts and rebates on hotel bookings, car rentals and more,” says Amanda Norcross, lead editor of Family Vacation Critic.

Skip the Pricey Park Hopper Pass at Disney

“You really don’t need one unless you are a hardcore user,” says Summer Hull, The Points Guy Family Travel Columnist. If you’re going with little kids or you have lots of time on your trip, it’s cheaper to just visit one park each day.

Know the Best Time to Book Flights

“For domestic travel, the best fares tend to be available 1-2 months before your trip,” says Christine Sarkis, deputy executive editor at SmarterTravel. For international flights, you’ll want to start searching 3-4 months in advance.

Know this Trick for the Best Hotel Rates

Not always. Once you’ve searched for the best price, call the hotel directly to ask for a better deal, says Norcross. It’s worth the effort: According to a survey by Consumer Reports, bargaining with a hotel led to a better price or upgraded room 78 percent of the time.

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