Travel Tips for Tourism Professionals


During the last three months, tourism has basically come to a halt. Organizations and businesses cancelled meetings one after another, hotels suffered from low to no occupancy, airlines faced their biggest challenge ever, and trade shows ceased to exist. Yet, despite the hardships of the last few months, slowly but surely tourism will be reborn, and its leaders will once again have to create new ways not only for the pubic to travel but to lead by example and travel. Remember that the word hospitality is related to the word for hospital. A hospital takes care of our bodies and hospitality addresses the soul. Both are essential after the virus passes in the act of rebuilding.

Traditionally, one of the joys and difficulties of the travel/tourism professional has been that s/he spent a lot of time on the road or away from the office. To work in the world of travel is to be ready to travel. Tourism professionals at some point will need to travel frequently again not only to attend meetings and meet clients, but most importantly travel is the hands-on form of job training that travel professionals need. In this age of pandemics, travel professionals will need to lead by example if the industry is to recover properly.

Frequent travel, however, presents the travel professional, just like any other business professional, with a myriad of challenges. First and foremost is the issue of travel and health. Business travel presents other challenges: from lost time at the office to dealing with family problems while away. To help the travel professional travel better and to make him/her more sensitive to the problems of other business travelers, here are some ideas to consider after travel resumes.

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