Trump Fanboys Gear Up to Smear Kamala Harris and Jill Biden


It took less than an hour after the world learned that Joe Biden had picked Sen. Kamala Harris as his running mate for actor and internet troll James Woods to go online and degrade her publicly.

“He picks #KamalaHarris and the Dow drops faster than she did to #FreeWillie,” Woods, the 73-year-old pro-Trump fanboy, declared to his 2.5 million Twitter audience after the Democratic nominee announced Harris as his VP pick.

The tweet featured a doctored image of the party’s ticket, captioned, “Joe/Blow 2020,” a vile allusion to Willie Brown, the former mayor of San Francisco who said he dated Harris in the middle of the 1990s, before she decided to end their brief relationship.

It was ugly, sexist, and utterly unsurprising. As national attention turns to Harris, the freshman senator from California, right-wing rabble-rousers and conservative media provocateurs are trying mightily to humiliate, downgrade, and diminish her standing, using everything from casual rank sexism to more heinous unfounded allegations of play-for-work promiscuity.

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