Trump praises Hungary’s far-right leader Orbán: ‘He’s a respected man’ – live


Reuters is reporting that President Trump’s attorneys objected Monday to a federal judge’s plan to fast-track his lawsuit seeking to block a House oversight committee subpoena seeking eight years of Trump’s personal and business records.

For those having trouble keeping up with all the various subpoenas and lawsuits taking place on Capitol Hill at the moment, the House oversight committee issued this subpoena for financial records for Trump and his company in order to determine whether he has conflicts of interest or if he broke the law by not disentangling himself from his holdings as previous presidents did.

His attorneys filed a lawsuit last month to block the subpoena, arguing that it exceeds the constitutional limits of Congress’ investigative power.

In Monday’s filing, Trump’s attorneys argued that US district judge Amit Mehta’s proposal to holding a trial on 14 May would deny the president a “full and fair” hearing, and that they require more more time to collect evidence.

Booker elaborated his argument in a post on Medium, saying no federal agency is in charge of making safety warnings and issuing recalls for firearms. Meanwhile, all toys in the US, including toy guns, are subject to regulation by a government agency.

Glenn Kessler, the Post’s fact-checker, wrote that Booker’s comparison of gun and toy gun oversight is “specious” because it ignores the “many laws and regulations governing the sale, distribution and use of guns” in the country.

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